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Reflections 30x40  partial

February 18, 2013

Here is my lastest painting.  I thought it might be interesting to see the process.  I usually paint the water first and weave the koi into it later.  I refer to it as “weaving” because that’s what it seems like since the reflections in the water are continued over the koi image as well.  So the reflection patterns and shapes continue over the fish and are taken into consideration for those tones too.  That kind of makes the fish just as complex as the water.  Speaking of complex, I think this is the most complex image yet to date!  It was a lot of fun.


  1. 4-16-2013

    I understand why you used the term “weaving”. I feel like I am doing a needle point when I create an image using Adobe’s Illustrator program. I love your work. It’s clean and fresh and not overworked.

    The part of the process I am interested in; is how you get your shapes down on the canvas. Especially with an image as complex as this. Of course, this may be a trade secret. 😉

    • 5-6-2013

      No, no trade secrets :). I paint from my own photographs and make a cut-out of the proportions of the canvas on various scales. Then I place the cut-out over the image and move it around until I find the right composition. Sometimes I need to add more pieces (go fish)to make the composition work. I can usually find the fish I need from another photo although that is tricky since the direction, size, and light source all have to match. I often tell people that I’m not a very good photographer, but that’s okay because I’m going to paint it to be what I want anyway!

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