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The Process … Continued

February 23, 2013

This new photo is taken in better light to be sure, but it’s always interesting to see how much adding the colors of the fish changes the overall visual experience of the painting.  Since the water is primarily made up of cool colors and the fish tend to be more warm, of course the contrast is then heightened.  But this one took a dramatic turn, I thought, more than usual.  All color is affected by the surrounding environment both atmospherically and in the painting surface.  In other words, the same color can be perceived as different according to what it is adjacent to.  So when the new colors of the fish came into consideration, the overall effect this time was one of brightness with colors that really pop.  The bright colors already in the water just weren’t as relevant (visible) until the fish were added.  Do you agree?  I think I’ll call this one, “Carnaval de Couleurs.”


  1. 2-27-2013

    Those colors definitely stand out! I love how the warm colors change the whole tone of the piece. Another thing I noticed is that at the lower right quarter of the piece, it looks like there is a fourth fish, lightly outlined by the light yellow, even though there isn’t one.

    • 3-7-2013

      Yes, I find things all the time after I paint them. I just didn’t know what I was painting until after it’s all done. Maybe I shouldn’t admit that, but some of the interpretations of the pieces don’t come together mentally until later. It’s kind of like a book that you read several times and notice different things each time. That’s a good thing!

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