Thank you, Atlanta Artists Center!

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This won the 1st Place Award at the Atlanta Artists Center October, 2016. Over the last few months, I’ve become involved with a local organization for promoting visual arts called the Atlanta Artists Center.  They are active in providing classes and speakers as well as showcasing local talent for the betterment of all who are interested.  After entering three of their shows, I am pleased to have been judged worthy of two honorable mentions and a 1st place award.  The shows have been at their gallery and also at the gallery at Binders Art Store near Ponce City Market.  If any of you are...

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One more for the road…

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First of all, I’d like to ask if anyone knows any trick for getting a Soltek easel to come to your door.  I ordered one on Jan.22 and still haven’t received it yet!  I’ve contacted them and they say they are waiting on parts.  Everyone else who sells them says they do not keep them in stock–they only send an order to Soltek once they receive the order.  And Soltek begins construction after that.  It takes 6-8 weeks.  But I have just about maxed that out with no real resolution to the parts problem.  So I’m just stuck waiting, I guess….unless someone can...

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Maybe I’m getting the hang of it….

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I’m thinking that I now have the version of plein air that I can finally see myself in.  When I first started this, I felt like I was just blindly feeling my way through it–not really relating to my own work all that well.  I had observed a lot of examples from Plein Air magazine and even read some books on plein air, namely Landscape Painting, Inside and Out by Kevin Macpherson and Painting Light in Oils by Peter Wileman and Malcolm Allsop.  But only my “Sedona Sky” painting (posted in earlier blog) spoke to me until this painting. I’m wondering why I relate to...

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Plein Air–Innovation or Expectation?

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I’m seriously considering that I’m talking to myself, but decided to move forward with another blog post anyway.   Okay, I’ll answer. I think plein air was started in the 1800’s because, at that time, the art world was consumed by protocol and rules of how art should be done. So much so, that art was just a matter of following the rules—nothing was left to discussion. The subject matter was to teach a lesson or exemplify a moral value, light was handled by doing X, Y, and Z, color was prescribed by chiaroscuro formulas or approaches, etc. etc. In short, being an artist was more about...

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All About Plein Air

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 –Why Do It? I was reading the January edition of Plein Air Magazine—no, not just looking at the pictures, I promise, and found that plein air events have grown from 25 events in 2004 to over 350 events by 2015. I’m pretty sure that’s what the analysts call “a trend.” At this point, sprouting up in almost every state, it’s heavy enough to have its own gravitational pull. The fundraising possibilities along with the sales and art exposure to the public for the artists has made it irresistible to one venue after another. From art clubs to civic organizations—you name it—they all want a...

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