From the Glen Helen Atrium show

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July 6, 2014, at the Glen Helen Atrium Show, I gave an Artist’s Talk about this series of paintings.  It is a beautiful setting for the work, and I’m so glad to have had the opportunity.

Glen Helen Show

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I made the cover!

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51Y2GaTiJzLHere’s my painting, “Rushing Through” on the cover of Creative Concept Inc’s new book, Elements of Expression.”  They are the New York group that I did the show with last September.  Here’s the link for the book on  And yes, I’m on the inside too!

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Look What’s Coming…

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BookCover…to a bookstore near you!

I am working with the editors and designers at Balboa Press, a division of Hay House Publishing on my own art book about my latest series of paintings. It will be called The Gift of Koi set to launch by April or May which features my paintings accompanied by poetic reflections and a narrative of my personal journey as an artist leading to this point.  Below is an excerpt from the book cover:

Embark on an underwater journey filled with light and love.  Through paintings, poetry, and prose, you will share in the insights and heart-felt beauty of Meredith Cope’s vision—tender reflections on the power of what nature and art bring to our lives.  As is typical of life, the artist’s personal story of her quest to understand color revealed so much more.  We often think we are about one thing only to find that life leads us to places of its own design.  Join in her journey that connected her to her purpose—to share the gift of koi.

You will be able to look at it on Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature.  It will be available through and but the best way to order it will be through my website, or  I’m looking forward to its arrival and will have lots of exciting activities around its promotion including a radio interview that will air over Hay House Radio (the 10th most listened to radio station in the world) in the month of May and a book signing at a Hay House event in Baltimore in June. (See “I Can Do It” meeting on Hay House website  or go to  These events typically draw about 3000 participants and two of my paintings will be exhibited behind my signing table.

Wish me luck, and I’ll let you know when more events are scheduled!

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Kissing Koi

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photoPeople everywhere are falling love with Meredith Cope’s koi as demonstrated in this candid shot with Maria Carolina Quintero of Columbia, South America.  Of course, who is kissing who?  It’s hard to tell.

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Sometimes it’s the little things

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Through the gallery that carries my paintings in Hawaii, Third Dimension Gallery, a local magazine featured one of my paintings (WaterPlay in my koi gallery). Here’s a link to the September 2013 issue of West Hawaii Today. Take a look on page 11.
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Focal Point Dilemma

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ThisPond Sunset 30x40 is another painting in progress and it’s interesting for a couple of reasons. First, it will be the middle panel of a three-piece painting. So look for the whole three pieces at a later date in the pond and koi galleries if you want to see the final effect. Secondly, it made a good discussion for this blog because of a focal point consideration. Whenever there is an area of light, that is always the focal point as you can see on the reflective area. The eye just naturally goes toward the light. (That’s a good sign for humanity, don’t you think?) However, with that and so many lilly pads within the lighted area, the question becomes whether the activity in the water below the lilly pads–all the roots and reflections then become too much competition. They definitely do become conflicting unless they are in the right balance to still allow the light to be the focal point. So keep an eye out for the next photo which will be the final one and see if you think I had to downplay the activity in the lower dark area or if it was already in balance–allowing the light area to have the proper focus without competing.

Question: Seeing it this far along, what would be your guess…does the dark reflective part need to be downplayed, or it is minor enough to allow for the proper attention on the lighted areas?

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Flyer for the New York Show

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The show I’ve been looking forward to in September has chosen my painting, “Emerald Sea” for the illustration for their flyer.  I’m thrilled, needless to say.  I guess this one is going to the show!


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The Process … Continued

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The Process … Continued

February 23, 2013

This new photo is taken in better light to be sure, but it’s always interesting to see how much adding the colors of the fish changes the overall visual experience of the painting.  Since the water is primarily made up of cool colors and the fish tend to be more warm, of course the contrast is then heightened.  But this one took a dramatic turn, I thought, more than usual.  All color is affected by the surrounding environment both atmospherically and in the painting surface.  In other words, the same color can be perceived as different according to what it is adjacent to.  So when the new colors of the fish came into consideration, the overall effect this time was one of brightness with colors that really pop.  The bright colors already in the water just weren’t as relevant (visible) until the fish were added.  Do you agree?  I think I’ll call this one, “Carnaval de Couleurs.”

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The process?

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Reflections 30x40  partial

February 18, 2013

Here is my lastest painting.  I thought it might be interesting to see the process.  I usually paint the water first and weave the koi into it later.  I refer to it as “weaving” because that’s what it seems like since the reflections in the water are continued over the koi image as well.  So the reflection patterns and shapes continue over the fish and are taken into consideration for those tones too.  That kind of makes the fish just as complex as the water.  Speaking of complex, I think this is the most complex image yet to date!  It was a lot of fun.

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